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This week we will be announcing an exciting new partnership. Keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media pages…

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Una Sports Medicine Team

The science of success

In today’s fiercely competitive sports arena, understanding the science behind maximising human performance can be the difference between success and failure.

Simple tests show whether an athlete’s ready to train, while strength and conditioning assessments help them fulfil their potential. Possible medical problems can be identified earlier too, minimising time lost to illness and injury.

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Working together to win

At Una Sports Medicine, we’re committed to improving performance. We believe every team, amateur or professional, whatever the sport, should have access to routine sports science.

Health, wellbeing and performance monitoring is vital to sporting excellence and we work closely with clubs across the UK so anyone, not just elite athletes, can benefit.

How can you benefit

Maximizing your potential

Our approach is flexible and collaborative; our experts will discuss the available options and help you choose the right ones to meet your needs and budget.

  • Enrol for our innovative testing services, providing detailed assessments on-site at your base or one of our regional hubs
  • Rent or buy devices from our range of easy-to-use diagnostic analysers, with full training and comprehensive on-going support provided to maximise the benefits from your biomedical screening
  • Combine biomedical data with our field-based performance monitoring systems for a more complete picture of health and training effectiveness

Our services to help you perform

Human Performance Testing

Sport Science Devices

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