Getting Fit Before Your Holiday- Without the Gym!

Getting Fit Before Your Holiday- Without the Gym!


Getting your body ‘holiday ready’ shouldn’t be a daunting experience. You should be excited and be looking forward to relaxing in the sun (hopefully)!

In just a few weeks you can make some significant improvements to your body, without spending money and going to the gym.


Home workouts

This article is full of exercises that are inexpensive and don’t require fancy or complicated equipment. They can all be done in the comfort of your own home and some even with a partner- which makes them so much more fun!

It is recommended that you alternate working the same body parts- for example; bums and legs one day and then arms and back the next. You should also ensure that you’re listening to your body and when it is telling you that you can’t do another rep.

You should make sure that you are carrying out as much daily exercise as possible- this could be walking, gardening or cycling. It will help to get rid of body fat and turn your body into a lean and toned physique within a month.


Top tips

Make sure you always warm up for 15 minutes. Step-ups on a bench, a brisk walk of climbing the stairs is sufficient enough.

Always alternate your workouts.

Make sure you allow your body a cool-down period. Don’t stop the workout without warning- you could walk for 5 minutes and then stretch.


Tummy workout

Planking is good for the abs and major muscles in the upper and lower body. Hold for as long as you can- do not continue if pain in the lower back develops.

Sit-ups- holding a pillow or a form of ball in between your knees helps to engage the stomach muscles.


For the legs

Wall squats- use a ball between your back and the wall whilst keeping your back straight and thighs parallel to the floor, roll downwards.

Standing lunge- these moves work your leg muscles and bum! Ensure when striding forward, that you bend your front knee so it’s directly over your front foot. You can position your hands on your hips for support!


For the bum!

Glute lift- When on all fours, raise one leg at a time- keeping your knee bent and foot flexed. Push backwards and squeeze your buttock, then lowering back to the floor. Complete the amount of reps you are aiming for then repeat on the other leg.

Side-lying leg lift- lying on your side, keep your knees and feet together. Lift your top knee upwards, opening your legs- lower and repeat. Switch sides. You could also have a resistance band around your thighs to increase the intensity.


For the arms

Bicep curls- You will need a partner for this one!

  1. Stand facing your partner with each of you stepping your left foot forward so they’re in line.
    2. Bend your elbows by your sides with your forearms parallel to the floor, palms flat and facing up. Your partner then puts their fingers on top of yours and applies pressure.
    3. Keep your elbows tucked in as you slowly curl your hands up to your shoulders, hooking fingers with your partner. Make sure your back foot stays flat on the floor.
    4. Lower, then repeat.

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