The Must-Have Supplements for Athletes!

How do you think all of the world-class athletes got to where they are now? They dedicated their entire lives to ensure that they were the best at what they do, using every hour of the day to train and perfect their skills.

However, they also take supplements which push them to their maximum. Of course, they do not supply you with dedication, but they do help you to achieve your own personal athletic goals.

What supplements should athletes take for improved performance?

Omega 3- improves cardiovascular health and function, brain function and mental acuity, and also improves lipid profiles whilst having strong anti-inflammatory properties.

B-vitamins– increases energy, improves mood and helps to de-tox our body

Magnesium- one of the most recommended supplements as its essential to biological systems

Vitamin D– your body produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun- but if you’re living in the UK your body is most likely lacking in this!

Protein- most popular and well-known supplements for athletes. When taken within 10 minutes of training, the protein will help to reduce the amount of stress that’s released in the body.

There are many more supplements that help to cushion bones, maintain energy and repair muscles.

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Low Vs High Intensity Workouts- Who Wins?

There are many benefits to both low-intensity and high-intensity exercises. In this article, we go over the benefits and the impact that they both have on our brains and muscles.

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The Must-Have Supplements for Athletes!

There are so many supplements that help to improve an athletes body- but which ones are best for you? Read on to find out all you need to know:

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