Reducing Your Cortisol Levels With Diet, Supplements and Healthy Living

Cortisol is the hormone that is released when you feel stressed.

Having too much or too little cortisol can result in long-term health implications, which means it is vital for the body to maintain the correct level so that it is able to receive the appropriate benefits from the hormone.

While it is essential to your overall health for the adrenals to secrete more cortisol in stressful situations, it is also very important that bodily functions and cortisol levels return to normal following a stressful event.

Some of the short term effects:

– Poor sleeping patterns

– Weight gain

– Catch colds and other infections easily

Some of the long term effects:

– Thyroid disorders

– Fertility Problems

– Blood sugar imbalance

Implementation of targeted dietary and lifestyle approaches is an extremely powerful way to reduce stress, minimize inflammation caused by excess cortisol, and reduce the risk for illness and chronic disease.


Continue reading here to find out how you can maintain a healthy cortisol level in your body.

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