BioForce Heart Rate Variability System

Imagine technology that, day-to-day, could tell whether your fitness is improving, staying the same or declining before you see any physical signs – and all in less than 5 minutes. It’s called heart rate variability (HRV) – and it’s now available from Una Sports Medicine.

What is HRV?

As the name suggests, HRV measures variability in the time difference between heartbeats, known as the R-R interval. It’s easy to think of a heartbeat as regular and evenly spaced; but the time between beats changes with the amount of stress your body experiences. Measuring the R-R interval with BioForce HRV shows whether your body is more sympathetic (Fight or Flight) or parasympathetic (Rest and Recover) – so you can decide how hard to train.

HRV technology was originally a by-product of the 1960s Space Race, but now it’s available outside the lab. BioForce HRV has proved successful with amateur and professional athletes throughout the NFL, UFC, MLB and more.

How to use BioForce HRV

The system has four components: a finger sensor, Android/iOS mobile app, web account and the ‘Ultimate Guide to HRV Training’ book.

First thing in the morning just wear the finger sensor, lie down and open the app, which tracks your resting heart rate. After counting down from 2:30 minutes, it gives you your resting heart rate, HRV score and physical readiness, also sending the information to your web account so you can track your daily scores, enter training notes and view weekly and monthly trends.

What’s included:

  • Bluetooth chest strap or finger sensor
  • Ultimate Guide to HRV Training
  • Mobile Application for iOS or Android
  • 0 Web Integrated Dashboard
  • Private Community Forum
  • 90 day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime Support

Before purchasing with Una Sports Medicine, please read our terms of sale which can be found here. Delivery confirmation will be sent to you following our acceptance of your order along with registration details for the mobile application.

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How to interpret HRV data

BioForce HRV uses three main data points. The resting heart rate, commonly recorded by endurance athletes by taking their morning pulse, is a basic indicator of physical fitness or overtraining. Your HRV score is based on the activity of the nervous system that correlates well with aerobic fitness and can be used to track progress over time. Finally, it shows physical readiness through a green, amber or red colour indicating how ready you are for training that day.

‘The Ultimate Guide to HRV Training’ helps you optimise your programme, including the impact of the stress response and how to individualise your recovery.

Buy Now For £154.99
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