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Lactate testing is a key biomarker in sports medicine. However, getting a reliable result is not always straightforward. Based on superior excellence and experience in clinical diagnostics the LACPRO lactate meter has been developed to provide laboratory accuracy for portable lactate testing. Offering high analytical quality, the LACPRO is also extremely efficient resulting in low costs for the end user.

Lab Quality in Three Simple Steps:

Using a lancet, obtain a fingerprick capillary
sample and press START on the LACPRO.

Insert the capillary tube into the sample opening and
press START again.

Remove the capillary as instructed by the analyser and press the
START button for a third time. The result appears in the display.

What is Lactate?

Lactate is produced by muscle cells when glucose is utilised under aerobic conditions, is not a waste product, and in fact is one of the most important ways in which we generate glucose in the body.

Why is Lactate Testing
important in Sports Performance Management?

The ability to clear lactate from the body is an important factor in the difference between elite athletes and more junior levels.

Looking in more detail at this, an important starting point is the Maximal Lactate Steady State or MLSS, which is the effort level at which an athlete can continue for an extended period without the need to slow down or stop. In this state, the lactate levels remain constant.

If an athlete progresses above the MLSS, there is a rapid progression to exhaustion as the lactate levels increase and the body becomes unable to clear lactate efficiently.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important for an athlete to try and improve the MLSS result leading to a greater ability to continue for longer at an increased speed without the risk of fatigue.

Assessing athletes using an accurate lactate meter, in combination with other factors such as VO2, is essential in developing effective training programmes in order to achieve an improved performance.


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